The Heart of Visibility


Uncover the fierce, bold & confident force you came here to be...


and realise your vision with

The Heart of Visibility Program


    ...Yet not hitting the levels you aspire to reach.


    ...But not even close to the scale you envision.


    ...To others you are smashing it, but you know you have much more to offer. But how do you get visible in alignment with your values and integrity? 


    ...Yet no one on the fringes or beyond knows who you are.

It's Time

It’s time to craft the exceptional future you’ve always wanted and to become visible to those that matter.


This is a mastermind group program designed exclusively to fully activate your big ideas, projects and businesses that align to your destiny and highest contribution.

  • ​Stop allowing worries and scepticism to hold you back by bravely and unapologetically expressing your true authentic self.

  • Get clear on your vision for your future so you can become visible and shake up the status quo.

  • Create unstoppable momentum and reach your highest potential.

  • Find the strategies suited to you which unlock your personality and spirit in a way that elevates you and your business.  No cloning or one size fits all approach here!

(Due to the intimate nature of the program, a maximum of 30 spaces will be available)


The Heart of Visibility


Join this 3-month collaborative journey into uncovering and manifesting your fully expressed purpose, highlighting your strengths, your voice of power and dispelling the myths that have been holding you back


Our intimate support network will help you to finally break up the isolation and confusion that all-too-often holds us back from unstoppable momentum! It’s time to design and actualise the purpose-driven business that is aligned with your highest destiny and become a person of true influence and impact.


The Cambridge dictionary defines visibility as ‘the degree to which something is seen by the public’. We both know a business leader needs so much more than this.


You are going to need a clear message. You are going to need vast determination and unnerving courage.


You are going to need support, a trusted tribe and a market.


You are going to need to be challenged and be held accountable to show up in new ways.


Sounds like a lot? Beyond your capability?  Let us step in here.


With The Heart of Visibility program, you will become visible in a way that isn’t just about being seen; it’s about owning your message, reaching your tribe, breaking all the ceilings and contributing in a way that allows you to leave your mark on the world


We recognise that visibility is not one-size-fits-all!

We are here to support you to express yourself in ways that are fully aligned with your business so that you can laser into making your highest contribution and get exponential results straight out of the gate! We are here to ensure that together, with our community of global changemakers, this really happens!


Right now, you know you are being called to something greater, but you can’t quite put your finger on where to go next.


Let The Heart of Visibility program support you to connect the dots between your past experiences and your unique talents, and then clearly identify what you most want to create, express, and contribute to the world!


Together, we will uncover your true calling and translate that into a powerful business system that creates change at the deepest level.

Hi I’m Anna...


I’m not here to tell you what you’ve been doing wrong all these years. I’m not going to point out that you go to a job you hate every day or that you contribute to a corporation or cause that leaves you feeling empty, overwhelmed and burnt out.


Or that you are failing as a visionary entrepreneur, business owner or changemaker because you’re not getting the results you hoped for and now struggle to stay motivated and elevated.


I’m not going to do those things, because I’ve been there. We all have.


The difference between you and I and the rest of the world, is that we’ve decided enough is enough. We know we have so much more to offer, and we know we need to change something in order to go all the way and become authentically visible and fully expressed.


This change is now non-negotiable and the time is now.


'I made the change.

And I’m glad to see that you are too.'


How did I do it?


Well, I started by making the firm decision to stop comparing myself to those around me. To stop listening to the doubts and fears and the distractions that were holding me back.


I started believing that I could no longer play a bigger game and create real change by hiding, playing small or staying invisible!


I stopped thinking ‘how could I leave my job and find my true calling?’ and started aligning with people who were living their purpose, generating wild abundance and were willing to show me the next steps to take.


I changed the way I thought and spoke about myself, because I fully accepted that I am a competent, confident and wise woman with great gifts and talents to share.


I decided I was worthy of becoming a thought leader, someone who had the right to take up space and shape the future in my own unique way with my own unique message.


And then I jumped in at the deep end.


I committed to my vision and now let me show you how to do the same…




"Anna has helped me reconnect with my actual purpose and has ignited a fire deep in my belly that is my burning desire to make an impact on this planet.


Anna has also helped me become clear on who my tribe are and whom it is that I am speaking to in order to fulfill my purpose.


Anna is amazingly passionate about touching the souls of everyone she encounters and she has definitely reached in and enveloped my soul with her divine, honest and raw integrity."

Heini R Lowen

“ Thank you Anna B Feldman and Shayne Locke for another breakthrough business coaching session today!


So blessed to have found you. Love witnessing the shifts within me provide clarity on purpose and direction. I’d be completely lost and overwhelmed without your support.


Nothing short of AMAZING!!! Thank you 🙏 

Lisa Marie




"Much love to Anna for an epic master class! It provided the foundational highlights on breaking through online clutter to elevate online visibility and to highlight our amazing truths.


Through exploring and identifying key areas of clarity, growing community, and authentically connecting with others, I began to think more deeply about my journey as an entrepreneur.


Anna helped in opening up the conduit for inspiring creativity to flow and to captivate the people I wish to build a legacy with."

Crystal Waters


“ Anna is a gifted Transformational Coach and a gift to humanity!


We all need a Coach to support us get to the next level in our life and contribution – in Anna right now I have found mine and I am deeply grateful! Thank you!!


If you want to work with an exceptional human being and Coach to support you get deeply connected to the next steps in the evolution of your business – I highly recommend Anna to be at your side to guide you. She is a shining light who see’s the light in others and can support you take action too! 

Debbie Moore

What you'll Learn in The Heart of Visibility



Uncover Your Highest Vision




Connect &





& Impact



Everything you need to move into Aligned Action & Super Momentum with your Gifts, Message & Mission for the World - we've included ALL the tools, training and deep-dive inner work you need to make your Highest Contribution.


     LIVE training calls 2 x per month on the 3 Quantum Superpowers to set yourself FREE.


    In Monthly rotating Triad PODS you'll be held accountable as you get clear on your truth, message and mission.


    LIVE Q&A calls to get to the HeART of what's holding you back & take action.


    Guest experts and bonus material for the above the line activities that will propel you into super momentum (and stay there).


The Heart of Visibility

Includes the 3 Quantum Superpower Training, your Ultimate Dream Team PLUS:

Training Content - $4997 Value

(You'll receive complete training modules for Clarity, Community & Conversion PLUS access to our exclusive Social Media Accelerator System (as listed below)


Fortnightly Coaching - $2997 Value

(With Coaches Anna and Shayne plus special guest coaches)


Accountability Training - $997 Value

(Training in Groups of Three Partners)


Bonus “Heart of Collaboration Master Series” - $1997 Value


BONUS 1 - $997 Value

Plus The First 10 Receive an additional

90 minute Fast Track 1-on-1 VIP Clarity Breakthrough Session
Where we will map out your thought leadership

and a social media marketing strategy to accelerate your visibility. 


BONUS 2 - $1997 Value

Live Master Class on a Tribe Building Sequence:  

Creating a Concept for a 5 Day Challenge, A Webinar and Winning Offer.


BONUS 3 - $1997 Value

Live Repurposing Social Media Content Clinic


$15,979 in value.



The Current Course is Underway.

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(Due to the intimate nature of the program, a maximum of 30 spaces will be available)

Meet your Ultimate  Dream Team 

Five  fabulous trainers from all over  the globe teaching in their zones of greatness, where you'll learn the practical 'above the line' skills you need for YOUR visibility & stage of  business.

Anna Feldman

Fierce & Fully Expressed

I have had 10 years of building and managing online businesses together with over 15 years in the wellness industry as a senior teacher, educator and practitioner.


My background is in corporate recruitment, event management and now speaking on international stages about the power of entrepreneurial leadership, influence and impact.

Shayne Locke

Fierce & Fully Expressed

I have had 25 years in marketing, starting in radio back in the 90’s. Leaving the traditional marketing behind when the digital revolution occurred, I had to completely retrain my thinking about marketing to bring businesses I worked with into more online visibility.


Now an expert in podcasts, social media and marketing funnels, I am passionate about getting your brand more visible.

Natasha Berta

Instagram Guru

Instagram is my favourite social media platform on a personal level because #alltheprettythings


 I also love the way it connects people and builds communities. It's a great place to share emotive based visual messaging and craft a tribe or just sell your products. #iloveinstagram


I am a catalyst for transformation. I see every experience as an opportunity for growth, clarity and freedom. 

Matthew Clark

LinkedIn Rainmaker

I am a sought after international speaker with a wealth of knowledge on all aspects relating to digital marketing. 


I am well-known for my LinkedIn Rainmaker system which  teaches you how to get high quality clients from LinkedIn without paying a cent on advertising.

I love teaching about maximising the opportunities that social media platforms provide.

Wesley Longueira

LinkedIn Rainmaker

I hail from a learning and development background and have ‘been there and worn the T-shirt’. From teaching to running sizeable training companies and directing university qualifications to working in e-learning and engaging with industry representative board members there is not much that can surprise me.


I live by the motto of “doing whatever exposes more people to better learning” hence digital marketing is perfectly suited to my passion.

The opportunity for living a fully expressed life using entrepreneurship and the power of digital media has never been better!

The Heart of Visibility is All About Groups!

In the words of the brilliant Claire Zammit “We can’t become ourselves by ourselves”.


Did you know that geese fly 70% further when flying in formation??


Why am I so excited by this?


Because we know deep inside us that we are designed to work together in groups.

To lift each other up.


To go faster and further we HAVE to come together!

No more figuring it out for yourself.

This alone changes the game - this is the Quantum Superpower of Community & Collaboration.


The Heart of Visibility is like no other program on the planet!



Be one of the First 10 people and Receive your 


60 minute Fast Track 1:1 90 min Clarity Session

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

1. Am I ready for this?

  • i. I don't have a business yet, is this for me?

    It doesn't matter what stage of business or level your career, The HeART of Visibility is designed with your Soul Calling and Zone of Greatness in mind. If you are feeling stuck, like there's something more and you can't quite get there, this program is for you.

  • ii. I know I need to build an audience and a tribe, but I don't know where to start, will this help?

    Yes! One of the key Quantum Superpowers is Community - we show you how to connect with, engage and grow your audience in ways that work for YOU and your unique strengths and abilities. When you are in alignment to your Souls' Calling, you'll be motivated to get out there and be seen!

2. How much time will I need to complete this program?

  • i. I'm already stretched, how will I keep up with the content?

    We've created this program with Intent and Focus in mind. When you commit to making a change & you invest in yourself, you'll immediately notice that you'll find the time you need as you'll be motivated to stay in alignment once you've uncovered your calling.

  • ii. What happens if I can't make it to LIVE calls?

    All LIVE calls and Q&A sessions are recorded so you can watch replays at your convenience. The program has been developed so that no-one gets left behind, though it's up to you to become fully accountable and responsible for your success, but we have your back!

3. Payment Options

  • i. Is there a payment plan available?

    We understand your need to budget for your investment so we've created both a one-off payment or 3 easy monthly payments. When you click the 'sign up' button you'll be taken to a cart where you can choose the option that best fits your needs.

  • ii. How do I get the 1:1 Bonus?

    We reward fast-action takers. Be one of the first 10 to join The HeART of Visibility and receive a 90 minute Clarity Session with Anna Feldman and Shayne Locke to help you move into action and momentum right now!

4. What happens when I join?

  • i. What will I receive as soon as I sign up?

    You'll receive immediate access to our Dream Team bonus content, an invite into our Private Facebook Community where you'll meet your cohort and your first Visibility POD.

  • ii. Will I always have access to the program?

    Yes. You will have access to the content for the life of the program. Should you wish to join future LIVE rounds of the program, you can join at the Alumni rates. 

The Heart of Visibility

Join this 3 month immersion & unique program to your 3 Quantum Superpowers to making your Highest Contribution to set Yourself FREE

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